“While finding skilled, caring attorneys is often time-consuming (and frankly a task often requiring some luck), I want to express my utmost regard for the lawyer at this firm I’ve turned to on more than one occasion: Mr. Michael Pushee. Why am I so enthusiastic, you ask? The man consistently demonstrates the qualities I need in an attorney: legal prowess, accessibility and human empathy. In short, the guy is “the real deal.” And to think I “discovered” him on a Lawyers in RI website. Now THAT’S luck! And I am very grateful indeed.”

- Jay Allain

“I had the best experience ever working with Mike Pushee. He was phenomenal at what he does. Even the mediator had lots of respect for how he approaches his cases. Going forward he’s the first person I will call for advice. Strongly recommend this law firm.”

- Louis Alves

“My husband and I were in need of a lawyer. We had the delightful pleasure of working with Mike Pushee. He kept us in the loop as to what was going on with our case, every step of the way. The issue was resolved in a timely manner and we were very pleased with how he not only handled the case by how professional and responsive he was to us. We would definitely recommend using their services for your legal needs.”

- Deborah Rogers

“Mike Pushee is an amazing lawyer that I highly recommend. He is very thoughtful, thorough, and was able to communicate with me during the entire process. He made the process easy to understand along the way in multiple cases over the past few years. He was always available to answer my questions directly. He went above and beyond and I really appreciate that. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Mike Pushee represent me again if the occasion ever presents itself.”

- Paul Duffy

“I highly recommend Michael for all your legal needs. He always remains in close contact and provides you with detailed information throughout the process. His professionalism and legal knowledge are top notch and he will go above and beyond to achieve the correct result.”

- Donna Kennedy